Decoding tween and teen texting to keep you up to date with the latest acronyms.

Text Talk - Decoding Tween Texts

Tweens and teens have a different way of communicating.  Acronyms are the preferred way to text and if you have a tween, good chance in the coming years you will have lots of texts to decode.

Which is why we're here to give you the heads up on their slang! 

Grwm - get ready with me

Salty - cranky about something

Squad - close friend group

Ikr - I know, right!

Idk - I don’t know 

Gtg - got to go

Idc - I don’t care 

Imo - in my opinion

Ily - I love you

Irl - in real life 

Nvm - never mind 

Np - no problem 

Ty - thank you 

Tsym - thank you so much

Wyd - what you doing 

Yaas/Yass - very enthusiastic yess 

Time - tears in my eyes 

Wycm - will you call me 

Jk - just kidding 

Kk - okay 

Ofc - of course 

Wdym - what do you mean

Istg - I swear to god

Preppy - a fashion style of neat, understated, and often expensive clothes; young but classic: suggesting that the wearer is well off. 

We'd love to hear any others we haven't mentioned here! Add them below!

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