Starting a Small Business? Stick With It!

Starting a Small Business? Stick With It!

In case you haven’t noticed, many young tweens and teens are choosing to spend their time creating their own small businesses. Whether it’s selling handmade bracelets through social media sites like Tik Tok, or sewing their own scrunchies and selling at the local markets. Or perhaps designing masterpieces on procreate - one of my personal favourites!

In fact, using procreate, got me thinking… Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could print some of my designs and make my own stickers?!  Stickers are really on trend at the moment. 

You could try printing stickers at home yourself with supplies from Officeworks, but I don’t like the idea of poor quality stickers. I want to be able to use them on my laptop and school books and I want them to look good.

So, I did some thinking and remembered mum had our Sisterhood Store logo stickers printed with Oz Sticker Printing. The quality was amazing and she said they were really reasonably priced.  

I am currently designing some stickers to get printed. If you have any designs you’d like to see turned into professional looking stickers, or if you want pro stickers to take your small business to the next level - I strongly suggest you look into Oz Sticker Printing.  

They also print postcards, swing tags, business cards… Everything your small business might need as it grows! Remember, setting up a small business takes time and perseverance, but STICK WITH IT - it will be very rewarding! (Do you like what I did there?!)

Grace xx

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