cute back to school supplies

Cute School Supplies for Back to School

It's that time of year again! Kids are getting ready to head back to school. No doubt you've got their uniform, bag and shoes sorted... but what about some cute school supplies to keep them stylish and inspired?

Forget the boring stuff - we've got all the fun stuff they need to get them excited about going back to school. Here's our compilation of our fave fun stuff for back to school.

1. Beaded keychain - keep their bags individual and stylish

2. VSCO girl stickers - preppy stickers for books or lunch box or water bottle.

3. Avocado sharpener and eraser - keep those pencils sharp and those mistakes gone with this cute avocado set.

4.  Fluffy iPad case - keep your iPad or notebooks safe and cosy in our super cute iPad case.

5.  Back to school bracelets - a cute keepsake for you and your little one when they're at school. Perfect for those anxious kids or simply to remind them of your love when they're gone.

6.  Sticky notes - how cute are our preppy post it notes. Make all your notes when you study with these aesthetic sticky notes.

7.  Colour change markers - forget an ordinary marker, these colour change markers are the best! Makes school work all the more fun.

8. Pastel popit pencil case - how perfect is this pastel pencil case? Store your supplies and pop when you're bored!

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